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    LE CI, a creative leading snack brand, is one of the sub-brands in Suzhou Youi Group. In May 2016, Leci set a strong launch, which greatly favored by consumers, rave reviews. Only a few months, the sales network coverd the domestic market.

    In the full guarantee of product quality at the same time, we hope LECI is not only delicious food, but also spread the joy of conveying the spirit of the carrier.

    On behalf of a persist in personality, dare to challenge the attitude of life.

  • News Cashew

    As a pioneer of creative snacks,Leci,selects high-quality cashew nuts as raw materials,and then baking,burning pulp,sizing,drying,cooling and other multi-layer process.

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  • The nuts of godness

    The raw material is selected with cashew,almond,walnut,cranberry,black currant,red dates,it satisfies customers'demand because of its rich nutrition,crispy taste.

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  • Roasted Seaweed Sushi

    Imported glutinous rice in A-level wrapped by seaweed,with great backed.Roasted Seaweed Sushi currently offers three flavors,original flavor,chicken flavor,and sauced shrimp flavor.

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  • Black Rice Sushi

    Black rice crackers with featured salmon powder, which is wrapped with crispy roasted seaweed. With is unique flavor and refined processing, seaweed sushi breaks traditional technology.

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